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Access to ZIH Systems¶

There are several different ways to access ZIH systems depending on the intended usage:

  • SSH connection is the classical way to connect to the login nodes and work from the command line to set up experiments and manage batch jobs
  • Desktop Cloud Visualization provides a virtual Linux desktop with access to GPU resources for OpenGL 3D applications
  • WebVNC service allows better support for graphical applications than SSH with X forwarding
  • JupyterHub service offers a quick and easy way to work with Jupyter notebooks on ZIH systems.


Prerequisite for accessing ZIH systems is a HPC project and a login. Please refer to the pages within Application for Login and Resources for detailed information.

For security reasons, ZIH systems are only accessible for hosts within the domains of TU Dresden.

To access the ZIH systems from outside the campus networks it is recommended to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to enter the campus network. While active, it allows the user to connect directly to the HPC login nodes.

For more information on our VPN and how to set it up, please visit the corresponding ZIH service catalog page.

The page key fingerprints holds the up-to-date fingerprints for the login nodes. Make sure they match.