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User Support

Create a Ticket

The best way to ask for help send a message to with a detailed description of your problem.

It should include:

  • Who is reporting? (login name)
  • Where have you seen the problem? (name of the HPC system and/or of the node)
  • When has the issue occurred? Maybe, when did it work last?
  • What exactly happened?

If possible include

  • job ID,
  • batch script,
  • filesystem path,
  • loaded modules and environment,
  • output and error logs,
  • steps to reproduce the error.

This email automatically opens a trouble ticket which will be tracked by the HPC team. Please always keep the ticket number in the subject on your answers so that our system can keep track on our communication.

For a new request, please simply send a new email (without any ticket number).

Please try to find an answer in this documentation first.

Open Q&A Sessions

We offer an open Q&A session for users of the NHR@TUD-Computing-Clusters. It is hosted biweekly on Mondays from 1.30 - 2.30 pm.