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Data Transfer

Data Transfer to/from ZIH Systems: Dataport Nodes

There are at least three tools for exchanging data between your local workstation and ZIH systems: scp, rsync, and sftp. Please refer to the offline or online man pages of scp, rsync, and sftp for detailed information.

No matter what tool you prefer, it is crucial that the dataport nodes are used as preferred way to copy data to/from ZIH systems. Please follow the link to the documentation on dataport nodes for further reference and examples.


The former export nodes are still available as long as the outdated filesystems (scratch, ssd, etc.) are accessible. Their operation will end on January 3rd, 2024.

Data Transfer Inside ZIH Systems: Datamover

The recommended way for data transfer inside ZIH Systems is the Datamover. It is a special data transfer machine that provides the best transfer speed. To load, move, copy etc. files from one filesystem to another filesystem, you have to use commands prefixed with dt: dtcp, dtwget, dtmv, dtrm, dtrsync, dttar, dtls. These commands submit a job to the data transfer machines that execute the selected command. Please refer to the detailed documentation regarding the Datamover.