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Building Software¶

While it is possible to do short compilations on the login nodes, it is generally considered good practice to use a job for that, especially when using many parallel make processes. Since 2016, the /projects filesystem is mounted read-only on all compute nodes in order to prevent users from doing large I/O there (which is what the /data/horse is for). In consequence, you cannot compile in /projects within a job. If you wish to install software for your project group anyway, you can use a build directory in the /data/horse filesystem instead.

Every sane build system should allow you to keep your source code tree and your build directory separate, some even demand them to be different directories. Plus, you can set your installation prefix (the target directory) back to your /projects folder and do the "make install" step on the login nodes.

For instance, when using CMake and keeping your source in /projects, you could do the following:

# save path to your source directory:
marie@login$ export SRCDIR=/projects/p_number_crunch/mysource

# create a build directory in /data/horse:
marie@login$ mkdir /data/horse/p_number_crunch/mysoftware_build

# change to build directory within /data/horse:
marie@login$ cd /data/horse/p_number_crunch/mysoftware_build

# create Makefiles:
marie@login$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/projects/p_number_crunch/mysoftware $SRCDIR

# build in a job:
marie@login$ srun --mem-per-cpu=1500 --cpus-per-task=12 --pty make -j 12

# do the install step on the login node again:
marie@login$ make install

As a bonus, your compilation should also be faster in the parallel /data/horse filesystem than it would be in the comparatively slow NFS-based /projects filesystem.