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Jobs without InfiniBand (Outdated)¶


This page is outdated.


  • These hints are meant only for the downtime of the IB fabric or parts of it. Do not use this setup in a normal, healthy system!
  • This setup must not run by jobs producing large amounts of output data!
  • MPI jobs over multiple nodes can not run.
  • Jobs using /scratch or /lustre/ssd can not run.\

At the moment when parts of the IB stop we will start batch system plugins to parse for this batch system option: --comment=NO_IB. Jobs with this option set can run on nodes without InfiniBand access if (and only if) they have set the --tmp-option as well:

From the Slurm documentation:

--tmp = Specify a minimum amount of temporary disk space per node. Default units are megabytes unless the SchedulerParameters configuration parameter includes the "default_gbytes" option for gigabytes. Different units can be specified using the suffix [K|M|G|T]. This option applies to job allocations.

Keep in mind: Since the scratch filesystem are not available and the project filesystem is read-only mounted at the compute nodes you have to work in /tmp.

A simple job script should do this:

  • create a temporary directory on the compute node in /tmp and go there
  • start the application (under /sw/ or /projects/)using input data from somewhere in the project filesystem
  • archive and transfer the results to some global location
#SBATCH --comment=NO_IB
#SBATCH --tmp 2G
mkdir $MYTEMP;
<path_to_binary>/myapp < <path_to_input_data> > ./$JOBID_out
# tar if it makes sense!
rsync -a $MYTEMP taurusexport3:<path_to_output_data>/
rm -rf $MYTEMP