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Switched-Off Filesystems (Outdated)


This page is deprecated! All filesystems mentioned on this page are decommissioned.


Workspace Lifetimes

The filesystems warm_archive, ssd, and scratch were decommissioned by the end of 2023. Do not use them anymore!

Filesystem (use with parameter --filesystem <filesystem>) Duration, days Extensions Filesystem Feature Remarks
scratch (default) 100 10 fs_lustre_scratch2 Scratch filesystem (/lustre/scratch2, symbolic link: /scratch) with high streaming bandwidth, based on spinning disks
ssd 30 2 fs_lustre_ssd High-IOPS filesystem (/lustre/ssd, symbolic link: /ssd) on SSDs.
warm_archive 365 2 30 fs_warm_archive_ws

Node Features for Selective Job Submission

The nodes in our HPC system are becoming more diverse in multiple aspects, e.g, hardware, mounted storage, software. The system administrators can describe the set of properties and it is up to you as user to specify the requirements. These features should be thought of as changing over time (e.g., a filesystem get stuck on a certain node).

A feature can be used with the Slurm option -C, --constraint=<ARG> like srun --constraint="fs_lustre_scratch2" [...] with srun or sbatch.

Multiple features can also be combined using AND, OR, matching OR, resource count etc. E.g., --constraint="fs_beegfs|fs_lustre_ssd" requests for nodes with at least one of the features fs_beegfs and fs_lustre_ssd. For a detailed description of the possible constraints, please refer to the Slurm documentation.


A feature is checked only for scheduling. Running jobs are not affected by changing features.

Filesystem Features

A feature fs_* is active if a certain (global) filesystem is mounted and available on a node. Access to these filesystems is tested every few minutes on each node and the Slurm features are set accordingly.

Feature Description Workspace Name
fs_lustre_scratch2 /scratch mounted read-write (mount point is /lustre/scratch2) scratch
fs_lustre_ssd /ssd mounted read-write (mount point is /lustre/ssd) ssd
fs_warm_archive_ws /warm_archive/ws mounted read-only warm_archive
fs_beegfs_global0 /beegfs/global0 mounted read-write beegfs_global0
fs_beegfs /beegfs mounted read-write beegfs


For certain projects, specific filesystems are provided. For those, additional features are available, like fs_beegfs_<projectname>.