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Security Restrictions

As a result of a security incident the German HPC sites in Gauß Alliance have adjusted their measurements to prevent infection and spreading of malware.

The most important items for ZIH systems are:

  • All users (who haven't done so recently) have to change their ZIH password.
    • Login to ZIH systems is denied with an old password.
  • All old (private and public) keys have been moved away.
  • All public ssh keys for ZIH systems have to
    • be re-generated using only the ED25519 algorithm (ssh-keygen -t ed25519)
    • passphrase for the private key must not be empty
  • Ideally, there should be no private key on ZIH system except for local use.
  • Keys to other systems must be passphrase-protected!
  • ssh to ZIH systems is only possible from inside TU Dresden campus (login[1,2] will be blacklisted). Users from outside can use VPN.
  • ssh from ZIH system is only possible inside TU Dresden campus. (Direct SSH access to other computing centers was the spreading vector of the recent incident.)

Data transfer is possible via the export nodes. We are working on a bandwidth-friendly solution.

We understand that all this will change convenient workflows. If the measurements would render your work on ZIH systems completely impossible, please contact the HPC support.