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Data Analytics¶

On ZIH systems, there are many possibilities for working with tools from the field of data analytics. The boundaries between data analytics and machine learning are fluid. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to search for a specific issue within the data analytics and machine learning sections.

The following tools are available on ZIH systems, among others:

Detailed information about frameworks for machine learning, such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, can be found in the machine learning subsection.

Other software, not listed here, can be searched with

marie@compute$ module spider <software_name>

Refer to the section covering modules for further information on the modules system. Additional software or special versions of individual modules can be installed individually by each user. If possible, the use of virtual environments is recommended (e.g. for Python). Likewise, software can be used within containers.

For the transfer of larger amounts of data into and within the system, the export nodes and Datamover should be used. Data is stored in the workspaces. Software modules or virtual environments can also be installed in workspaces to enable collaborative work even within larger groups.